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Amazing Argentina Duck Hunting Trips at the River Plate Lodge

Argentina might be most famous for its high-volume dove hunting, but waterfowl enthusiasts know that the duck hunting in Argentina is also the best in the world.  Argentina duck hunting offers an unparalleled variety of exotic species and liberal bag limits.    Duck species often include a mix of the following: Rosy-billed Pochard, Yellow-billed Pintail, White-Faced Duck, Brazilian Teal, Fulvous Whistling Duck, Speckled Teal, Whistling Duck, Silver Teal, Southern Wigeon, Cinnamon Teal, Red Shoveller, White Cheeked Pintail, Ring Teal and Black-headed Duck.  The Argentina duck hunting season runs May-August and the shooting is consistent throughout. 

The best duck hunting in Argentina can be found in two distinct areas – the southern part of the Entre Rios province and in the far west of the Buenos Aires province along the La Pampa border.  In Entre Rios, the duck hunting is done in the sprawling marshlands of the Parana and Uruguay rivers.  On the Buenos Aires and La Pampa border, the duck hunting venues include flooded pastures, watering holes and small lakes.  Both areas offer pristine duck habitat and limited shooting pressure.

About River Plate Argentina Duck Hunting Lodge

As pioneers in the Argentina duck hunting business, we have been sharing our passion with hunters from around the world since 1986.  Known as “The Godfather of Argentina Duck Hunting,” River Plate’s founder, Luis Brown, grew up hunting and fishing all over South America.  After receiving his MS in the United States from the Wharton School of Finance, Brown returned to South America and opened the first of his many world-renowned hunting lodges.  With 25 years of experience and exclusive rights to the best hunting areas in three different provinces, our Argentina duck hunting programs have become legendary. 

Absolutely the finest duck hunting in Argentina! – B. Pickens

I’ve hunted ducks all over Argentina and this is as good as it gets! – N. Riley

We ‘discovered’ Argentina duck hunting seven years ago.  The last four years with River Plate have been incomparable. – N. Mitchell

What Makes Argentina Duck Hunts River Plate Lodge Different?


Because of our tireless scouting and exclusive access to vast and varying shooting areas, River Plate hunters enjoy the most consistent and enjoyable duck hunting in Argentina.  Our 25 years of experience have included extensive political involvement and community outreach; our superior hunting areas are protected by government and private contracts and cannot be used by any other outfitters.

Beyond offering the most prestigious duck hunting in Argentina, River Plate hunters have the unique option of hunting ducks in both the mornings and in the afternoons OR as part of a mixed-bag program.  It’s easy to combine your Argentina duck hunting experience with high-volume dove hunting, perdiz hunting over dogs and decoyed pigeon shooting.

With River Plate, hunters are ensured a great time in and out of the field.  Years of Argentina duck hunting experience means years of hosting experience as well.  Hunters enjoy private lodging at one of our distinguished Argentina hunting estancias, 5-star amenities, gourmet cuisine, fine regional wines and truly personable service.  Our goal is to combine the best duck hunting in Argentina with first-class lodging and a memorable cultural experience.

Due to the short Argentina duck hunting season and popularity of our programs, early bookings are encouraged to ensure availability.

What Our Clients Say

For approximately 30 years River Plate has been operating hunting Estancias. Deeply experienced, & one of the pioneers in Argentina’s wingshooting history, River Plate knows Uruguay like no other. Shooting at any of their Estancias, one quickly becomes aware that the clientele mix is from experienced global sportsmen, many shooting for there 20 years, that speak volumes of the quality one is presented with, no spoiled by.

Having shot many times myself with River Plate, it is easy to see Louis Brown’s goal was to create a ‘Gold Standard’ specializing in patos with palomas y perdiz as an added bonus. Some of my earliest pato, paloma & perdiz memories rest with River Plate.

Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed!

J. Johnston
Aspen, Colorado

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